Our Services

The Bus


The Bus has been our flagship service for over a decade now. It allows us to reach young people in a huge variety of different locations and give them a space to call their own. The bus comes with DJ equipment, wifi, laptops, traditional board games and drawing eqipment as well as games consoles and sports equipment. Bus sessions come with 3 qualified youth workers and can be tailored to meet specific needs such as being aimed around specific issues or to provide consultations.

Centre Based Youth Clubs


Streetvibe currently run 3 youth clubs in Leicester and Leicestershire. The first is The Braunstone Grove which we have run since 2008 and which our offices are based. The other 2 are based in Coalville and are based in Greenhill and Agernook. The clubs have DJ equipment, laptops, wifi access, games consoles and pool tables. Sessions are aimed at 13-19 year olds and are free to access.

Detached Youth Work


Streetvibe have  been providing detached or street based youth work for over 18 years. Our workers have a wealth of experience working with young people from a wide variety of communities and our expertise are in working with hard to reach young people.